Intermittent Fasting !!!

Augustina • Hello ladies:) My name is Augustina and I am 24 and TTC !

Anybody who has used the method of intermittent fasting for weight loss, seriously!!!!

I am intermittently fasting. I do 20 & 4.

Have been on and off for a few months but this time I’ve been serious about it going on 3 weeks. I haven’t been paying attention much to the scale but I think I’m down about 5-6 pounds.

On my 3rd week, I’m finding that I have absolutely no energy. Usually I can do a 30-40 min. Workout no problem. Now I’m struggling to even do 15-20 minutes.

I work 7 days a week and I have depression. Idk if it’s a combination of things but I’m really just trying to find out if this is common with anybody else?

If you’ve used this method please tell me your stories I’d love to hear them!

Any advice ? I’d love to hear that too.

I know this isn’t a common way to lose weight really and uniformed people think it’s dangerous or unhealthy but it isn’t. (Unless you’re pregnant or have diabetes- obviously) I’ve been researching it and watching documentaries for my knowledge.

It works for me:) & I don’t mind it. & if you look into it and want to try it, just remember this is NOT a diet, it’s a lifestyle..