Was it unfair?

I've been with my bf for about 10 months now, long distance since the start. He is the first person I've ever dated while he's had a few relationships where he has only done oral sex. We are each other's firsts when it comes to penetrative sex. Just recently I've been asking him to get tested since I realized some STDs could be transferred just through oral sex so I was anxious we could have something. Since I've never done anything before with anyone else except him, I thought it would make sense to ask him to get tested first since if he came clean, it's pretty indicative that I would be clean too. I wasn't opposed to getting tested myself but I thought having him get tested first would at least bring a quicker peace of mind for us. He thought it was unfair though and said that since I already had sex with him it shouldn't matter who gets tested before the other. Was my request unreasonable? After our argument I decided to make an appointment with Planned Parenthood to get tested, but I just don't understand why he was disagreed with me so much . Constructive perspectives are appreciated please~