Baby Shower Crisis!


Okay Ladies I need help!

I've been non stop asked by My MIL an A Family friend if they can do my baby shower!🤦 What's the Pros an Cons of having Two baby showers? Baby Due in September! Also what's the Best time to have the baby shower so I can at least give them the month I want it in.

I hate saying no to either of these people who are trying to help. Plus my SO's side of the family is Big an so is mine. So I think having 2 would be less stress on me trying to make it around to everyone to chit chat an plus if we did it all together we would have to rent a lot of supplies an possibly a whole park.🤦

Am I stressing about it to much? Should I just go with the 2 baby showers? One for my family an one for my SO's family? I mean if any of the other family wants to join the other Baby shower I wouldn't mind.