no period since dnc a month ago..... NEED HELP!!!


hello everyone.... i m sooo pissed off.😩..i truly need some suggestions. i miscarried n had to go for dnc on march10th. i didnt get my periods yet. today is 8th of april.... my periods r regular... n i hav a 22-25 days cycle. i tested for pregnancy bt d results were negative.. can someone help me understand what is going on in my body??? r d periods just late or did i conceive (v did make unprotected love abt a week aftr dnc) also.... is pregnancy after dnc safe. pleassee hellppp...someone!!! anyone!!!!

*update-* my AF started yesterday... almost 30days aftr my dnc. i was going to delete this post.. bt i guess i shud keep it so it helps encourage someone like me to b patient n wait.😜 n thanks for replies, ladies😘