Rant 🤬

My entire pregnancy has been so hard with Braxton Hicks from 12 weeks on, and having to go to the chiro because of such terrible back pain.. from being so sick in the beginning and loosing 14lbs, to the second trimester having my first gallbladder attack (and several more) to my last trimester dealing with roaring acid reflux and my midwife is having me do weekly labs, nst growth scans and 24 hr urines because Im showing signs of preeclampsia. I can’t get comfortable ANYWHERE , tonight my feet swell up and I’m so uncomfortable i could scream (or cry) then to top it all off I thought I was 100% in preterm labor and went to the bathroom and it stops.

I’ve waited and wished and dreamed my entire life to be pregnant... and let me just say even though I love my baby and I will miss his movements and adorable hiccups and I think it’s absolutely amazing what our bodies can do..

Pregnancy f**king sucks!!