Free Narcan in a MDI?


So I've heard recently that in Midwest/Del City, which is pretty much part of Oklahoma City, they are wanting to put Narcan in a metered dose inhaler. If you don't know what Narcan is, it's a drug reversal and can be used when a patient overdoses. If you don't know what a MDI is, it's the handheld inhaler you always see asthmatic kids using incorrectly in any movie ever. As you probably suspected this area has a high (the highest) amount of drug use and overdose rates in the OKC area. I'm assuming the MDIs would be intended for resposible people who know potential drug users, such as parents with kids who use. The controversy is that anyone has access to the MDIs who may need one with the intention to save lives. However, people think it also encourages drug use since people may think they don't need to worry about an OD. Also you are giving people a free MDI. Which even when prescribed people have a tendency to not use correctly or understand the purpose of, regardless of being educated about it or not. So they have these "miracle puffs" and might think they will cure any kind of OD or some other issue. Especially since this is a low income area, we're concerned this will be used instead of seeking medical help. So what do you think and why?

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