VBAC with pitocin?

Momma of 4

Anyone have a vbac with pitocin?

I go to a practice with 4 different drs. 3 of them have delivered my previous 3 kids. They have all approved me for vbac. 2 of them said I can have pitocin, just no cervidil. Well today, I mentioned it to the dr and he said no, it's not recommended, they'll only break my waters. Ugh I hate when they give conflicting information! Like, who's right? Anyway I was wondering if anyone has had pitocin with a vbac. One of the drs who told me I could have it said because my first 2 kids were successfully induced, my body proved to handle it and that's why she's fine with it (but that dr left the practice a couple weeks ago so I can't ask her ugh)