Stressing over food

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So my 17 month old doesn’t like to eat for me she throws a fit doesn’t want to eat or just a few bites of food

I was losing my mind yesterday and didn’t know what to cook so we got chipotle As I know she loves her rice tomatoes and tortillas so I got mine which isn’t spicy and her dad got spicy food she wanted his so I fed her a few bites of mine and she wouldn’t take anymore

So I gave my bowl to papa and she sat right beside him and was taking bites I can’t sit her in a high chair anymore As it doesn’t work if we all eat together it’s for like 2 minutes then she’s throwing her tray so the whole family sit and eat doesn’t work either I’m losing my mind most the time she wants to just play in her food squish it together throw it around or stab it with a fork or spoon and I know she’s clearly hungry since she’s running Around throwing a fit and has hardly eatin

Am I the only one ? Anyone else having issues ? I don’t believe it’s her teeth as she will eat for him or little snacks that are crunchy