I finally get to share my birth story after reading tons through the months of my pregnancy

I finally get to share my birth story after reading tons through the months of my pregnancy! I went into labor on March 22nd, I was 36w 1d. I went to the hospital after 4 hours of contractions and was dilated to 3.5cm. I was sent home after not progressing for an hour. I left the hospital around 7am and ended up going back at 3pm because my contractions wouldnt stop. I was dilated to 4cm and kept at the hospital. Once i hit 5cm, I stopped dilating. My contractions slowed down, the doctors started talking pitocin. Around 3:00pm on March 23rd, they started me on Pitocin. Around 3:20, they broke my water. They said I wouldnt deliver for another 12 hours. I was still dilated to 5cm before they broke my water so I asked for Morphine. They lowered my pitocin because I was barely getting a 15 second break between contractions. I was put on Morphine at about 3:30 and about 2 minutes later I said "I think I need to push!!" The nurse rushed over confused and checked me, she felt my daughters head and started yelling for the doctors. My daughter was born at 3:46pm by a resident because the doctor was nowhere to be found. I got a second degree tear which hasnt been bad at all. She was sent to the NICU around 8:30pm because she was havung trouble breathing and she spent 10 days in the NICU. My labor added up to 35 hours! The doctors and nurses were so surprised with how well i went with a basically natural labor for 35 hours. I didnt shed one tear, I was smiling basically the whole time until they broke my water and I dilated from a 5 to a 10 within MINUTES lol. My morphine didnt set in until I was pushing. But anyway, here is the progress of my sweet girl! Leia Aurora born 5lbs 15oz 18in 😍😍😘