Mucus plug???

Maryjayne • Mommy to 2 insane little boys. Future Mrs. 💍

I was out running errands, came home and have been cleaning like crazy. Felt something come out of me & into my underwear but ignored it thinking it was just discharge as usual.

Just went pee and there was a little mucus ball in my underwear. Then when I wiped after peeing, there was this

Lighting in my bathroom is awful but it’s definitely got a mucus look to it and it’s stringy af.

Could this be it??

And btw yes I know mucus plugs regenerate like the little dream crushers that they are. But I was just in Labor & Delivery on Monday for 6 hours having contractions 4 minutes apart and got sent home because in the 6 hours I was there, I only went from a 2 to a 2 & a half 🙄

Doctor had said “he’s extremely low. So it could really be any day now”