Breastfeeding taking too much from my health?


My baby is almost 12 months now...I have lost a lot of weight while bfing...I’ve never been a good eater and eating enough for baby also has been tough. Plus a ton of moving around and stress etc. has left me at about 48 kilos. My healthy weight is 52-53. When I had him after few months I was 56...then since I’ve just been losing weight. Recently I had a really bad case of strep throat which came back off and on for two months...then I caught a flu then a tummy bug. My Mom is saying I’m too weak to breastfeed and it’s ‘taking everything out of me’...ADVICE PLEASE...has anyone been in a similar circumstance? Is it really affecting my health adversely to bf? I really don’t wanna stop nursing him:( He still nurses at night and few times a day but eats solids of course (altho he isn’t a big fan...dunno if that could also be because I’m bfing him) it’s so hard for me to know what to do. Anyone been here before? Advice appreciated, thanks in advance;)