Am I wrong?


This is my first child and I’m extremely excited. Originally I was going to name my son after his father. He has two other children but this is his first son. I was all for it but then my boyfriend started to treat me different. He wasn’t the person I fell in love with. He would cuss at me yell and call me out of my name. The first four months were the worse. He put me through so much emotionally and mentally I questioned if he really loved me or even knew what it was. After asking him for the same things for almost nine months, for him to spend time with me and to respect me not to mention he’s only went to 2 doctors appointments which I had to practically beg him to come inside. I thought about it everything that’s been going on and I no longer want to have a Jr. or for our son to have his last name. Am I wrong for how I’m feeling?