Road rage encounter while pregnant

Jamishia • 😘😘My two loves caleb jeremie -june23,2017- Carson azariah born-september13,2018-

I was driving today and i had a green light but traffic was not clear. So then this guy behind me honked and once traffic cleared the light was red. i then chose to wait for the green arrow it was like a two minute wait and as i was turning this guy literally almost hit the car. He cut me off pulled over and yelled out "you wanna play you fucking bitch" and cursed me completely out so because i know i cant defend im 19 weeks pregnant, i drove off somewhere and this dude circled the area trying to find me .thank god i was across from a police station. Im shook up in tears.ive encountered road rage before but not like this who know what wouldve happened if he actually found me .my husband is out of town so i dont have my protector 😢and. Nobody pulled over to help me or nothing. I can never understand why in the hell he was soo mad i did nothing to this man i didnt even look at him .