What is going on..?!

I was just sitting on the floor and I swear I can feel little kicks or punches.. Then I start thinking... Wow I have been super bloated lately. I have a very thin frame. I also have had such a hard time waking up in the morning.. I have been moody and emotional. I didnt think about not getting my period because I have endomitriosis and ive gone 3 to 4 months without it plenty of times in my life. Im 28 years old. Me and my boyfriend have been together for 6.5 years. We have a 7 year old... Hes my stepson that I have raised since he was 8 months old, my daughter will be 3 in July and we have my son born last April. His birthday is Monday the 23rd. Im absolutely FREAKING out! 😕 I can see the kicks/movements.

Im 99% sure I'm getting kicked by a baby right now.