feel like my boyfriend doesn’t want me around


My boyfriend forgets to invite me to things. I don’t know if he actually forgets like he says, or if he just doesn’t want me there.

For example, him, his mates & their gfs always hang out but I never get invited. When someone’s birthday is coming up, someone else will accidentally ask me “are you coming next week?” But I don’t know what they’re talking about and my man will just say he forgot and I can come if I want to.

He asked me today if I was doing anything tonight and I told him I don’t have anything on, and then he called me tonight on the way to his friends party. I mentioned that I didn’t even know his friend was having a party and he said “oh yeah I forgot to invite you how about you come over next Monday or something and we can hang out”

We’ve been together for almost a year and I’ve hung out with him and his friends before and I thought it went well. I invite him to the few events I attend and he’s fine there, I just feel like he doesn’t want me around with his friends and I don’t know why.

Sorry for the rant I just need some advice... please