Condom suggestions for “barely there”


So i am on birth control and have been for 2 years. My boyfriend and i had been using trojan condoms. Recently, we tried sex with no condoms and honestly, we both love it. It feels amazing. He does pull out at the end; just for context, so he’s not cumming in me. (Which is actually a little disappointing because when we had condoms, he could cum in the condom in me and i am so turned on by that pulsing feeling when he hits climax)

BUT i am a worrier and neither of us wants a child right now so it still makes me a little nervous to not have both the bc and condom as protection. I told him this and he’s perfectly fine with using condoms still if that makes me feel more protected.

Is there a condom that anyone would recommend that we try that has that “barely there” feeling? I would like to see if there is a different kind that we could try instead of the trojan pleasure pack that has less feeling of a condom being on.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions that you enjoyed that felt like nothing was there. Thank you!