Low but doubling hcg and bleeding


Hello! I’m looking for some insight. I ovulated on April 3rd. I got my first very faint positive frer at 11dpo. My first beta was drawn at 13dpo in the afternoon and my hcg was only 52.9. My second beta was at 15 dpo in the morning and my hcg was 143.7. So a doubling time of approximately 29 hrs. I started bleeding some on 16dpo. Not a whole lot but a little came out into a pad and it was bright red (no clots). The “spotting” continued into 17 dpo. Only came out onto pad twice during this time frame. Was mostly only when i wiped. I had my 3rd beta drawn on 17dpo in the morning and my hcg was 315. A doubling time of approximately 44 hrs. The bleeding has since turned almost black and is almost completely gone.

My concern is the low hcg for what dpo I am. I’m also concerned that the first doubling time was 29 hrs but then slowed to 44 hrs after the bleeding started.

Can anyone offer some insight please?