Why am I so jealous of my boyfriend's ex and his past?


I'm driving myself crazy and I hope it's not just me.

Me and my boyfriend have been together for 1.5yrs now and we have a great relationship. We are really happy and are moving into our first home together in a few weeks time. The only issues lie with me! - I obsess over his past and his ex.

For some reason I am so jealous; the thought of him being with someone else, talking to someone else the way he talks to me, anything! It makes me so mad, and I take it out on him😔. He gives me no reason whatsoever to feel like this, so why do I? His ex and other girls he's been with in the past are all very pretty and I compare myself to them all the time. I know that it's me that he's with now but I just can't help but feel this way. My last relationship didn't end very well and that was my first real relationship. Has this maybe made me feel like this? Am I just scared that he may run off and it will end like last time?

I'm driving myself crazy. Help!