Does this sound like he wanted to sack me !

Do I got a new job at a sandwich bar in oct left my other job for it am doing 9.15 till 3 mon to fri every day no week ends as I have a nine year old school run ect so was all fine to begin with but slowly he started being really pushing like standing there when I'm on the till asking the customer what they want when I am stood there he's shouted at me swear at me I told him please don't talk to me like that then I got the muffin mix wrong he said your muffin mix was shit I sed don't speak. To me this way please he said again they were shit he's now told me that after 6 months review that the shift of 9.15 till 3 is. I longer available that he wants me to be more flexible weekends the shifts that are available are 12 till 3 3 till 6 how am I ment to live on this hours when he told me when I started I would have these hours that's why I left other job