Already a year and I cannot forget the affair 😓

Idk if im over doing it but i cant forget him cheating on me and sleeping with this other person who knew about me and both didnt care. He of course is “sorry” it will “never” happen again and we been civil you know trying to move forward with our family but some days i feel happy and others i sink with depression obsessing over the other woman and about the affair in general , I stalked her social media just to look at her and wonder what didnt he see in me that he did her. I know i wont be able to forget though I love him i think i shouldn’t try to work it out anymore. Anyone going or who went through this can give me any advice please !!

**I want us to be a family with our daughters and be happy but honestly this thing keeps coming back up in my mind and i dont know how to stop. Just the thought of him doing the things he did to me with another woman makes me angry . I feel like walking away bc i know i wont forget.