Okay so me and my bf always have plans on the weekends like those are our main days to hangout and so I asked him okay whats the plan and then kinda told him what I thought would work and he was like idk it's not a guarantee I'll let you know and I kinda got mad I was like what why? (He just got a puppy so he's saying he has to train it and stuff and I'm like ok??? I can help you or you can still hangout some) And like we starting bickering and then he was like okay fine I'll come get you tomorrow and I was gonna be like well do you even want to bc it sounds like I'm forcing you to hangout AND so my question is am I being ridiculous bc he said he'd hangout so that's what he wants to do OR did he just agree Bc I got mad and he doesn't actually want to/care

Side note: it's been weird lately and I feel like we are drifting apart