Birth story!


So lil late but I had my baby on April 9th at 12:42pm. I was induced at 7:00am water broke at 10am and only had one IV pain medication😅.

Through the 2 and a half hours of pushing I hollered at my mom for touching me.. 😭

went from standing to sitting to sleeping lol the medication they gave me made me sooooo sleepy and it was on the tail end of working when I asked for another dose.

They checked me... and nope I was at an 8! 😳 So no more meds.. but I was still soooo sleepy in between pushes I was falling asleep 😴

After 12 pushes baby Bo made his arrival he was 9 pounds 6 oz. 21in long. now we are 10 pounds 6 oz. with all the booby milk 💕

Pic of my growing man 😍