so anxious!!!!!😡


Today is the day af is supposed to show. So far no cramps or anything pointing to her arrival. Yesterday I had some cramps, but they were very light. I check my cervix and it was hard and I had very light pink almost unnoticeable discharge and that was it. Usually I spot a day before af and it gradually gets heavier by the next day or by the end of the day, but passed that I had nothing. Dh and I dd last night and still nothing not even the light pink discharge I had earlier in the day. I work the graveyard shift on my job and I do a lot of heavy lifting and still nothing. I started to feel really wet down there so I checked and I have ew cm globs of it and my cervix as of this morning is very high and soft. my husband is bring me home a first response when he gets off work. I'm excited and anxious, but then parts of me doesnt want to get my hopes up too high. this month would be our 1yr mark ttc since I had my mirena removed last. may. Those who pray, pray for me, and for those who sprinkle baby dust send some my way.