This is outrageous...

Sia 👽 • Unexpectedly Expecting

So I’ve had a crush on this guy for a while. I had a crush on him when we were friends or whatnot but I wasn’t interested in a relationship and neither was he. So we’ve been fucking around, with the agreement we wouldn’t have sex with anyone else. So he made it VERY clear I’m not who he wants or someone he’d ever want to be committed to or at least in my eyes he did that, so I stick around for the sex yet I recently went out with another guy. He sees me out with the guy on snapchat and proceeds to cuss me out and make me feel like a bad guy when he’s the one who told me to and i quote, “Do you, cause I’m doing me, I’m single.” I’m really clueless about guys, I’ve only been in one relationship it lasted a year and a half & that was when I was 18. I just don’t understand how this works for guys? Like how can you tell me you don’t want a relationship, flip when I act like you’re mine and still flip when I “act single” like you ask me to? Someone help me understand this 😂

Side note: Sorry if this was confusing, I’m flustered.

Edit: He gave me the idea he wouldn’t be interested in me in the long run because a lot of things changed. We used to talk all the time; on the phone, facetime and through text about anything. Now I have to text him so many times just to get his attention.