Everyone said “DEAL WITH IT!” 🙄

Hi ladies! I’m 17+4 weeks today and have been admitted to the hospital for the last four days. Long story short, 4 different doctors, over 30 lbs lost- everyone was acting like I was being a baby about my constant sickness. Nothing would stay down, and trust me, I tried everything! I started at ten weeks just chugging any drink I could even though I knew it wouldn’t stay down, just praying that a portion of it stayed. My doctor literally laughed at me and said “every woman vomits”. I felt so lost, so depressed. I spent weeks in bed just too weak to do anything and feeling so guilty that I sucked at being the perfect vessel for my nugget already.

I went to the hospital for fluids twice in the first trimester and it didn’t help me feel better but I knew it’s what my nugget needed. Both times I was given Reglan (second time I advised them I couldn’t have it but alas) and had a horrible reaction. Borderline psychotic. Like, take this IV out right now or I’m ripping it out. Ever since, I tried to beat this on my own.

I can honestly say, if I hadn’t gone for help this week, I’m not sure I would have lived, no dramatics. When I arrived, baby and I’d hearts were pumping sporadically and way too hard/fast. My liver enzymes were depleted. My hemoglobin levels were so low they considered a blood transfusion. I hadn’t kept down solid food in almost 3 weeks. And they had to completely reintroduce potassium to my body. The hospital staff was floored that baby and I were surviving.

Moral of my story, now that I am up almost 15 lbs in two days from my hospital care: don’t let anyone belittle how sick you are! Don’t let anyone tell you constant vomiting is normal and to wait for it to go away with nausea meds if they don’t work for you. Don’t let other women make you feel guilty for having a harder time than most! This level of sickness may be rare but, I’m telling you, it happens and many seem to act like it’s an exaggeration including doctors. Baby is and has been healthy but, boy did I take a beating! It’s amazing to be around staff that understand what’s been going on and have taken such good care of my nugget and I, finally!