I'm in love.

new mom

So after a month of not seeing my baby and being worried I got to see her yesterday. She was moving so much! She was sucking her thumb, had her legs crossed at one point. I saw her little fingers. And they confirmed w ultrasound that she's definitely a girl. :) I'm so in love with her already I can not wait for her to come! Here are some photos of my Sono.

The above picture is the one of her sucking her thumb with her legs crossed.

This is the one you can see her tiny fingers in. Makes me cry just looking. She's so adorable.

Her heartbeat is 153 bpm right now. Dr said everything looks normal and that I'm showing all the normal symptoms. This was my first time seeing this Dr. My first time seeing a male Dr. But he was amazing. He was so informative and made me feel comfortable. My due date got changed to Oct 15. He said that I'll most likely be having her early though because 1st born /first time pregnant usually it happens 2 weeks early. Or so. I can not wait. :)