Am i selfish??

Idk how to start this. I’m scared i might be pregnant. I have a 16 month old already, married, have a nice house and we make decent money. But i don’t think i want to be pregnant.. I didn’t want to be pregnant the first time i was, but I’m glad i kept my baby and I’m so grateful that he grew into the beautiful child he is now. But i was 22 when i got pregnant, i just started having fun and going out with my friends and had to stop abruptly. I have a lot of plans and vacations this summer and i want to fully enjoy myself. God. I know how shorty this sounded i know some women would kill to have a baby, but i just don’t think i want to be pregnant.. and i feel so terrible for that. I’m not ready to sacrifice my body and my life again, at least not so soon. Another thing that makes me feel so guilty is that we’re not using any contraceptives, so i feel that i should deal with the consequences i brought upon myself. Idk. I feel lost and scared and stressed out.

I’m sorry if this is in the wrong group.. i can’t seem to find any other abortion group.