Am I a bad person for keeping my sister out of my child’s life?

Katie • 20 yrs old ☀️ Leonardo 10.16.18 👶🏻💙

Sorry this will be long and kind of a rant. I’m 19 years old, I have two sisters and my parents who I love very much.

One of my sisters is my twin sister.. we grew up together. We had classes together as children. we basically did everything together.

now I’m living on my own with my fiancé, and I’m 16w4d pregnant with a boy.

But lately my twin sister has been acting in a way that I really cannot bring myself to allow her around my child...

For example, she had sex with a guy. this guy has a pregnant girlfriend. And my sister then threatened to beat the pregnant girl up. She said to me “she thinks I won’t but I will.”

She is very verbally abusive. I see her harassing people on the internet... calling them ugly.

Her and her ex boyfriend were in an abusive relationship, but it was absolutely abusive both ways. and now my sister harasses her exes new girlfriend... this guy has had his house egged now and also someone spray painted a dick on his driveway.

My sister constantly talks about how she could and would “fuck your boyfriend”

And says “Im a bad person but at least im having fun”

When I first found out I was pregnant, she sent me several very long messages telling me I would fail as a mother, my kid would end up dead or taken away. She said I ruined her life.

She also got angry and told my Dad and my other sister. She makes me feel bad for not going with her to smoke weed, I don’t smoke weed and I do NOT want to be around it but she’s made me feel bad so I came along with her on a few occasions.

I’m obviously complaining a little, but is it wrong of me to not want this kind of person around my child? I want him to love and respect people, not to purposely hurt them. not to be a bad person because it’s “fun”. I don’t want him to see it as cute or fun to hurt people.

I know if I make it known that I don’t want her around, she will be very cruel to me and I don’t know if I can handle that stress. I can see in the future that she would make him think it’s okay to hurt others.. I could definitely see her smoking weed around him. I can’t bring myself to say it to her because I’m scared of how she’ll treat me but me and my fiance both don’t want her to have anything to do with our child...