Olivia • Mom of two. Nursing student.

Hubby has not been interested in me since I’ve been developing my baby bump. I’m the only initiator for sexy time now a days and its been making me feel pretty ugly and lumpy and bumpy.. lol.

Well yesterday, I bought some new over the knee boots and I was trying them on with this skirt that normally fits good but with my belly, the skirt sat a little higher and my butt came out a bit from the bottom when bendin over. 🍑

Anyways I’m at my desk doing homework and I stand up and bend over to reach something and hubby comes over and takes my chair and starts playing with my butt. So I start doing a little dance for him on his lap. I was like yes finally he thinks I’m hot again LOL. Things got heated. I’m a happy woman once more. 👉🏼👌🏼.

Ladies sometimes all it takes is some new boots and a nice booty view! I’m so happy now I found a way to get him to initiate, I just need to dress a little sexy and put on a school girl show 😂