My crush doesnt like me anymore?


Hello, girls.. So there is this boy, he is 18 and I am 17, we have texted each other for maybe 3 months, we are already close friends, we see each other at school every day..We were quite close, really. He was always kind of flirting, we joked a lot, laughed. So for some time now, there is this other girl, she is funny , kind, she is just great and I like her as a person.. I see how she's gotten his attention and I can just see that in his eyes.. He knows I am jealous.. And he kind of enjoys seeing me that way.. I forgot to mention, that girl also has a boyfriend, for 1 year.. I feel like I am his plan B now and its really, really hurting me, its difficult to smile when I see them joking around together, but I do want him to be happy, the problem is that he is giving me false hopes. I have never liked someone so much before. How do I deal with this pain.... Sorry, its just a need to say it to someone