Safe place to vent


Whoo!!! Some of the things pro vaxers a.k.a. uneducated and mostly ignorant people say just boggles my mind!!! They literally have no argument and everything they say is always the same. They haven’t done a lick of research. It’s so clearly seen in their statements. They say us “anti vaxers” have just read an article on “google” when it’s the complete opposite!Us EX vaxers have done hours of research and have also learned the hard way which led us to do our research and wake up to all the lies we were told our entire lives. It’s the fear that drives them to their insane and hostile statements. Fear that a system they’ve trusted for so long has been lying to them and isn’t what they thought. Fear that they actually have to take their health and their child’s health in their own hands like we all have and learn all about the natural remedies and cures we have. It’s much easier to remain blind sheep and just pop that pill the doctor prescribes you and get that shot that is the “almighty savior to immunity” It’s my passion to spread awareness for these innocent children who are victims and guinea pigs to these vaccines. Makes me sick.