Why do people always have to make things about them?

Feeling bummed. We told a few of our close friends about our pregnancy (I’m just shy of 7 weeks) and although most of the reactions have been super positive we had one friend whose reaction was pretty disappointing. She says she was just processing everything and just couldn’t imagine herself have kids anytime soon so she was shocked (we’re both married and in our late twenties).

I’ve just noticed that when sharing good news (engagement, home buying, pregnancy, etc.) people tend to equate that to their own lives and I don’t understand why. If someone gets engaged it shouldn’t affect your relationship, when someone buys a house it doesn’t mean you should stop renting your apartment, and when someone is pregnant it doesn’t mean that you have to get pregnant too. It’s not about you. Just be happy for your friend, is that too much to ask?

(Obviously this is different for those struggling with infertility, having financial or marital difficulties, etc. But none of these apply in this specific scenario.)