how do i tell my mom i was raped ??? pls help.

about two months ago, i was raped by a guy i go to school with. i am currently 16 years old, and tell my mom everything except i cannot find a way to tell her about this. it’s not just the fact that it happened, but also because it happened at 4 am when i snuck out of my house and drove to meet up with him. i went to his house and i planned on only sucking his dick, but he ended up forcing me into actual, penetrative sex. So if i tell my mom about the rape part, i will also have to include the part about me driving at 4am which could get me in a lot of trouble considering it is past state curfew and my own family curfew, as well as the part about me planning on sucking his dick which she would not be okay with since i am not dating him or anything and she does not approve of “hoeing around”.

ever since it happened, it has been tearing me apart inside. the thought of it consumes me and it’s all i ever think abiut. i relive that night in my head every single day. but i have only ever told three people: two of my closest fiends and my current boyfriend. it felt so good letting it out and i know i will feel a huge weight lifted off my chest if i tell my mom, and I know i need to tell her someway, but i can’t find any good way to do it. does anyone have any ideas, or is in a similar situation as i am?? anything will help, wether it is advice or just friendly motivation and positive vibes. thank you so much 💖💖💖💖💖💖