BFP- DPO symptoms and what I did to conceive


Hi ladies!

I decided I would create a post about my journey to conceive and my symptoms up to BFP because I looked everywhere to see how others felt during TWW and there isn't much out there.

Im 32 years old, and have never been pregnant (I've been off BC for over 5 years). My DH and I decided to start trying in April 2018. What we did was: I have been taking prenatal pills for about a year, and tracking my cycles. I found that my cycles are VERY irregular. One month Id have a 32 day cycle and another could be 60 days. I had no idea when or even if I was ovulating. GLOW predicted my average cycle of 40days. Based on that, I started using Clearblue Digital OPK 11CD after last menstrual cycle. To my surprise I got a (+)OPK on CD26. Other than OPK and prenatal, my DH took a zinc pill everyday in April, and we used Pre-Seed.


CD 25- Baby Dance(BD)

CD 26- +OPK; BD; Watery CM; Mild bloating

CD 27(BD; Medium EWCM; Mild backache; mild left ovary twinges; mild bloating (I think I ovulated this evening)

CD 28/ 2DPO- BD, Heavy EWCM; Mild Cramps, mild bloating; left ovary twinges in AM

CD 29/ 3DPO- Dry CM, mild cramps, mild bloating

CD 30/ 4DPO- Creamy CM, mild bloating, mild abdomen pain; dull backache, slight fatigue

CD 31/ 5DPO- Mild fatigue, mild backache, mild bloating. Vivid dreams. Sharp pain that came and left in left breast; dull pressure in abdomen

CD 32/ 6DPO- Creamy CM; moderate backache, mild bloating, moderate abdomen pain, mild headache. Sharp twinges in left ovary (they hurt); vivid dreams

CD 33/ 7DPO- Light Creamy CM; mild backache, moderate bloating, mild diarrhea, abdomen pressure; vivid dreams

CD 34/ 8DPO- light Creamy CM; mild backache; moderate bloating; loose bowls; gassy

CD 35/ 9DPO- Light creamy CM; moderate backache, bloating; fatigue; indigestion; headache; ovary twinges; sharp pain in right breast came and went

CD 36/ 10DPO Heavy and Watery CM; backache, hot flashes; dizziness; headache; fatigue; bloating; very gassy; took .88 Walmart test (BFN). Went out and tried to have a beer but I was not tasting good (metallic)

CD 37/ 11DPO- Super Faint pink in CM when checking Cervix. Creamy CM; backache; pain during sex; hot flashes; bloating.

CD 38/ 12DPO- Super Super faint pink in CM again; Creamy medium CM; backache; bloating; indigestion; loose stools; headache; pressure in left ovary

CD 39/13DPO-bachache; fatigue; mild cramping; light acne (which I never get); pressure in abdomen; indigestion. Took a .88 Walmart test FMU and got a BFP. Tested again with Clearblue digital in the afternoon and confirmed by BFP!

We are so happy that we are blessed enough to go through this process as "easily" as we did. We were really thinking that I would have a hard time conceiving. I know how stressful the process is and can be so I hope that my journey can help someone out there.

BABY DUST to you all :)