Nobody to talk to

Okay, so basically I am a nervous wreck. Lol. I want to have a baby & I’ve wanted one for so long but have yet to be able to conceive. I got pregnant when I was 18 years old and I miscarried due to malnutrition. I was having twins. I miscarried at about 3-4 months. Have not been pregnant since. Not sure if it’s something wrong with myself or my partner or both. Maybe my stress and anxiety is causing detrimental damage to my baby making plans. Not quite sure, but nobody in my family even likes the thought of children. So I can’t talk to anyone in my family because they all tell me im crazy for even wanting kids. I’d really like to just have my baby and live happily ever after. Just one problem, IM NOT PREGNANT AND I WANT TO BE. Any advice on what to eat or what physical activity would help my body be more healthy and prepared to bare a child?