Maybe it will help Migraine suffering Mums


So there's a lot of migraine groups out there, and I suffer from them too often (way too darn often!) and they have gotten more consistent and worse now that I'm pregnant.

I take triptans to relive them but it's getting to the point of being ridiculous now.

Unfortunately any OTCs never work for me at all, ever.

BUT I got a recommendation from some people who say it has worked for them

And so far 2 times that I've tried Both times looked promising.

The recommendation is:

Once you feel the migraine coming on/have an aura/how ever you feel the onset take ;

One 25mg Benadryl

And then and 1/2 hour to an hour later take whatever acetaminophen brand, or pain reliever you take (probably tynenol in the US).

Now it might not work for people because migraines are a pain in the butt and unpredictable at times.

But it may help some others.

Both are safe to take while pregnant and I think it may be better than the triptans in some cases (especially if you're like me and have a migraine every darn day while pregnant 😢).

Of course if you have a full blown "shoot my in the head" migraine

I doubt it will work but I'll try it out cause it looks promising so far.

Hope it helps.