Baby gender


I’m 17 weeks as of today! The more I think about the gender reveal we’re having on the 27th(May), the more nervous I get. I already have a son and he’s just so much fun! He plays rough and he likes to get dirty. I have noooo problem with either of those things. And I actually prefer it lol so if I have another boy, it’ll be fun and I’ll know what to expect. But then I think of having a girl and I get nervous af. Like, sweaty palms, heart racing.. I’m scared if it’s a girl. I’m scared that I won’t be woman enough to raise a girl. Idk, those might not be the right words for it but I will have to set a certain example that I do not know how to set because I’m a boy mom 😩 I’ve never really had friends that are girls. I do not get along with other females(something very traumatic happened to me in first grade by another girl..). Can anyone give some advice on how to maybe think differently about it? Or ways to get started setting a “womanly example” before I find out?? Maybe ways to cope if the baby is a girl? Anything is helpful!