Grandma's intuition.


So I'm on my 7th pregnancy. My grandmother knew before I told her for every pregnancy that I was pregnant. 3 of those were miscarriages and 3 were live births. My 1st live birth was supposed to be a girl. My grandma and I both said boy even though the doctors and ultrasound tech said girl. We were right. My grandmother said I was pregnant for girls before both my daughters' ultrasounds. She was right. When I went to tell her about being pregnant she told me I was pregnant and for TWINS. I am 7 weeks today. I have my 1st ultrasound in a week. Btw Twins run high in my grandmother's and grandfather's family. But there hasn't been a set in a little while. My mom also had a dream and so did my neighbor/best friend that I was having twins. I want 6 kids in total but not 2 babies at once with 3 other kids already. So here's to hoping my grandmother's intuition is wrong this once. Also she always know when anyone in my family is pregnant.