Nursing pads

Alli • 22 single Mom of Grace 10-8-18 ❤️❤️

So I’m 20 weeks and my boobs started leaking about 2 weeks ago. I woke up after sleeping shirtless and noticed a wet spot. However if I wear something tight they don’t seem to leak. I’ve slept with a tight undershirt the last while and been fine however we went to the zoo today and my bra wasn’t tight like my undershirt. When I took my bra off, it leaked and I noticed tiny little spots in my bra from it but nothing bad. I’m just wondering if I should bother getting nursing pads yet or wait since it’s just a couple drops each time.

Btw, forgot to mention, as of right now for me, it’s just clear so it’s not causing much of a problem yet, just kinda annoying.