Telling my MIL that hates me were pregnant.....


My boyfriend and I invited his mother and grandma out to lunch with us and our 3 year old tomorrow to tell them were pregnant.

When I was 17 I got pregnant by my current boyfriend and we were on and off for a year and then eventually split when our son was 4 months old. We went through constant fighting, court, custody fights, our parents fighting, Cps. We had an absolutely terrible first year with our son because of fighting..

Fast forward another year. (Been apart for 2 years I’m now 21 and he’s 20) he messages me one day and asks to come over to see Miles and talk. (He has every other weekend and holiday at the time) so I agree and we hang out for a bit and he wants to get back together and be a family and explains how he knows he messed up and how I’m the love of this life.

We date for a few months we tell his family and then he moves in because his mom kicked him out. Dated for six months and then decide we wanted to start trying again.

So we start trying again in Sept 2017, find out Feb 2018 were pregnant. And hid in for a while, my parents found out because I stopped smoking and drinking. So the knew right away, told my best friend, at easter we announced to my family by putting our son in a shirt that says “Will trade sister for pizza and video games” everyone was happy and thought it was really cute. Still haven’t told his family yet.

But because of everything that happened when we were teenagers his mom (and probably his family) HATES me with a passion. We find out what we’re having on the 30th and want to do a reveal party for the gender. So I wanted to tell his mom and gma before hand, we’ve postponed telling his family in fear that they won’t approve and be really disappointed and be mad at us. But I finally convinced him to tell them. And tbh im freaking out about it. Every time I think about it I get really bad anxiety.. Like idk what to do lol.