Graduates of 2018!

To all of my fellow Senior Graduates of 2018,

Congratulations to you all! Give yourselves a pat on the back. For those going to college, KEEP pushing past those obstacles that education throws at you! For those who are joining the Army, Navy, Marines, etc. THANK YOU for choosing to serve! For those not going to college and immediately joining the work force or already have, KEEP pushing to help others, family, friends, community, and yourself! Work hard, and enjoy working hard!!! For those of you who didn't make it through school because of many different reasons, Congratulations for making it as far as you did!!

Thank you everyone who supported us Grads, thank you for helping keep our heads up, thank you for everything you have done! I appreciate all, and to all a HUGE thank you for making it and proving people that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!