Feeling bad


I’ve been feeling really down lately because this guy I’ve been head over heels for that I’ve been having sex with for a year I broke it off. We went to Miami & not only did he not satisfy me but we had an argument (We’re not together but the way we act it should be). I wanted to be with him, I didn’t feel like waiting days until he decided to be with me & I wanted it to be mutual until he was a dick with how he spoke to me which made me feel like you don’t care. So when we came back to nyc I talked to his friend (mistake) but I like to be friendly and wasn’t going to mess with him or anything. I invited his friends to a sports bar with my best friend just to watch the game. Then i told my partner I don’t want to deal with you anymore because you don’t do anything but play me. Just be friends and he got mad and called me disloyal and a liar because he thinks I’m sleeping with his friends & hanging. Out with them. I couldn’t believe it. I’m upset because I would never and he thinks of me differently. He said I don’t care who you mess with now & all of that. Does he really care? Is it a possibility he would come back?