Dear Doctors

Please stop laughing under your breathe or shaking your head in amusement when pregnant mothers ask you questions.

Please stop interrupting us when we are telling you we are worried, even if it seems ridiculous to you.

Please stop making me afraid to ask questions in fear of being belittled with a smirk or eye roll.

I am a mother. I am worried about my child. I want to bring them into the world healthy and calm.

Our bodies are changing and our lives are too. Even if this is our 2nd, 4th or even 7th+ child. Every pregnancy and every child is different. You know that.

Take the extra 10 minutes to order the blood test, or do the exam that will settle our hearts.

Take the extra second to reassure us.

Tell us we are good mothers to care so much instead of JUST telling us not to worry.


A mother