Formula question!

Ok mommas I could really use some advice here! When I was in the hospital with my lo(she is 5 weeks old now) she had a problem with spitting up ALOT, and would still be spitting up hours after eating (and yes I burped her every few ml). They then decided to switch her to Similac sensitive which helped with the spit up problem but then was causing her to have trouble going to the bathroom. She was going every day and a half to two days and would be struggling to go plus fussing the whole time. I decided to switch her to Enfamil gentlease because of a recommendation I had gotten. She’s been on the Enfamil for about 2 weeks now and is going to the bathroom more frequently and regularly and she isn’t struggling the way she was on the Similac sensitive but she is spitting up way to much again! Any recommendations on formula or advice from moms who have experienced these issues?