My friend doesn’t seem to understand

Hi so I’m new at this whole thing so i don’t know if this is right or wrong or what’s gonna happen when I post this but I’ve had the app for a while and I’ve decided to use this part for the first time.

So I suffer from anxiety and depression and I really struggle at telling people what’s wrong and how I am because I feel like a burden and stuff. So my psychiatrist has got me opening up more and has me speaking more openly. Because of this she said it would be good to tell my closest friend so I can share the load of what messed up stuff goes on in my head.

So it took a while but I eventually told her and she took okay. For the first day she was good to talk to.

It’s been a while now and I’ve been getting worse and been going through bad times at home but she doesn’t think they matter and that they aren’t real problems. She even went to the extent to think I don’t even have depression I’m just looking for attention. I’m torn and hurt because she’s supposed to be there for me like I am for her, but she shows more care for others then me most times. I’m not saying that I need all the attention in the world ( I barely like being noticed ) but she is constantly putting me down and acting as if I don’t have a mental illness.

I don’t know what to do and I’m really struggling with coping at the moment.

Is there any advice from you guys cause I would love to hear it.

Sorry for my rant I hope I didn’t offend anyone or waste your time...