Who’s at fault...if anyone...toddler dies in daycares care


Near where I live a toddler (23 months old) recently died due to drowning in the neighbours pool. The daycare claims the toddler wandered away and was later found drown in the neighbours pool. Absolutely heartbreaking. I think all of us cried for that family when this hit the news. (See images below for story)

I was speaking to my mom about this as she is about to start watching my 1 year old as I work part time. She lives on a big farm and has a list of her worries. One being the pond. She has put netting over all the ponds...she did this before this story. Reason is my mom says that it’s not just the daycare workers fault this child died. It’s also the neighbour with the pool. My mom said since a 2 year old managed to walk into their yard and into their pool they are liable for that child’s death. We had a pool when I was a child and my mom had a big fence around the pool as well as a fenced yard with a lock on it.

What do you think. Is just the daycare worker liable for this tragedy? Is the pool owner also liable?

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EDIT: for all wondering...I haven’t found any news as to whether the pool was behind a locked fence but this image on the news shows the house has a gate. I assume it wasn’t locked