Am I over reacting.?

Kk • Mom to my first and rainbow baby ❤

I found out I was pregnant May 2nd at only week and three days, which they also told me with all my problems my pregnancy is high risk. Ever since I've been to every appointment by myself, my first ultrasound at 5 weeks 5 days I also went by myself. After that appointment I scheduled my 8 week ultrasound for June 4th. I told my boyfriend that day to see if he could hey off. He just started a new job May 2nd and told me he couldn't go to our appointment because he was in his 30 days still (which obviously my appointment is two days after) but on his SECOND day of work he left early with no problems because his brother needed emotional support at court. So basically my question is am I wrong for being mad and upset.? Like he can leave work for bs that has nothing to do with him but he's gonna miss seeing & hearing our child's heart beat for the first time.