Pregnancy test

Okay ladies. I have those pregnancy test strips similar to the OPK strips. I was due for AF between Friday and yesterday. How much time do you give pregnancy test? Last night I didn’t let it draw the pink up all the way before I thought it was likely negative anyways. So I put it in the wrapper, and into the garbage and off to the movies I went. I got home and pulled it out to see a vvfl. I figured it was because it sat so long. Then I tested this morning and gave it a few minutes. And and low and behold a faint line. I see my nurse practitioner this afternoon to go over ultrasound test results from May 16th (making sure the baby factory is sound). I will have her retest today. I’m not getting o early excited until I have firm confirmation. Wishing you all love and baby dust.

Edit: found a cheap dollar store pregnancy test and took it about 10 minutes ago and omg omg.

Edit2: nurse practitioner confirmed positive. Holy smokes. I’m going to be 42 when our bub is born in February. I was 22 when I had my first, also a February baby.

Don’t give up hope ladies.