Need some advice on sonogram?? please help


I go for a sonogram every 2 weeks. my primary doctor says I'm fine, not all babies are big and I'm small so I won't be having a huge baby.I was measuring correctly,everything was great.

well when I went yesterday for a sonogram they make a dr come in after. (now before this lady shamed me for being small and would not listen to a word I had to say) I'm 28 weeks she says my daughter is growing and everything is normsl but not in like every other baby would.I explained what my dr said she cut me off and didn't let me get one word. I just wanted to explain my dr thoughts and that I do carry small I had 3 boys they were all considered small but were born 41 weeks 7lbs 10oz. so she said I have options I will either be admitted to hospital and stay there until August 28. no other option was given. then she says maybe you'll just have a small girl. I left there so hurt thinking I gotta leave my 3 boys (8,6,1) and my 8 and 1 yr old birthday coming this month.

then when I get in car my husband starts yelling at me saying it your fault you may be small but every women who has girls Gains lots of may have gained weight in your bottom and breast but its not enough for her. you barely eat or drink water. you may have family but you sibt need to walk to them you need to sit you don't need exercise. (I live in a complex my uncle n aunt live here n my grandpa too)you were bigger with our 3rd boy you at more too, idk what your problem is you show no concerns like its okay. I'm only telling because I care and love you. and I should not have to speak to you a certain way just because your emotional get over it.(more was said cursing too)

Im actually bigger with my daughter then my son. I eat way more drink 7 cups of water a day take my vitamin, and I take short walks because it always helps with back pain n it helps prepare me for labor, plus with a 1yr old I can't just sit and let him run off. I was sick with nausea for 6 months with my son my daughter allows me to eat. i didn't say anything because I was holding back tears, I just list my uncle last week and I'm still upset from that too. I tried venting to a friend and she says well thats because you having a baby after just having one 2 yes ago what you expect. but she had multiple pregnancy back to back and my other friend it pregnant 5 months after having a baby. my family says I'm fine don't worry. I just want to go hide. maybe admit myself after dr next week just to go away since I'm the problem. my emotions are very high. should I worry? or this normal in most pregnancies?