how do you know?

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so you would think at age of 26 you would know the difference between a period and not ...

i was never really educated as such i mean i know a period i know ovulation and babies are made etc but my oh went to the drs in 2013 he had a sperm analysis that gave him a rediculous low result... he got freaked we never went back ... shortly after that i ended in a and e with suspect v.early M/c docs couldn't be sure etc...


rolls round today .. last week i had a bit of spotting just when wiping on and off every other day.. i was 40 days late didnt test as didnt see the point "we cant get pregnant" this was accompanied by mild cramps and lower back ache tired etc think nothing of it other than finally af must be on the way (she picks and chooses her dates)

yesterday the blood storm started ... debilitating cramps, changing pad every few hours, suvere back ache belly and back feel warm, clots both blood and "material"

now i know yall are not drs or anything but i dont want to be rushing off over a period .. do you think its something to worry about or is it just due to lateness?